Organisation & Scientific committee

Organisation Committee

 This conference is co-organised by CNRS and CEA researchers working in the field of batteries in Grenoble landscape.

- Fannie Alloin (CNRS, LEPMI, France)

- Sandrine Lyonnard (CEA, Symmes, France)

- Claire Villevieille (CNRS, LEPMI, France)


Scientific Committee

- Daniel Abraham (Argonne Nationnal Lab, USA)

- Hajime Arai (Tokyo University, Japan)

- Erik J. Berg (Uppsala University, Sweden)

- Matteo Bianchini (Bayreuth university, Germany)

- Ingo Manke (Helmholtz Centre Berlin for Materials and Energy, Germany)

- François Ozanam (Polytech, France)

- Vanessa Peterson (Ansto, Australia)

- Tobias Schulli (ESRF, France)

- Emmanuelle Suard (ILL, France)

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